window seat

In the winter of 2017 I was looking for a photograph in my hard drives and stumbled upon a folder of family movies my mom had transferred from flood damaged super 8mm films. I sat in front of my computer watching the silent moving moments of past Christmas celebrations, vacations and moves to-and-from Sweden and the USA filmed by my mother and father and Swedish grandfather. I kept seeing airplanes. Not strange considering that my family is split across the Atlantic Ocean; but there they were; foreboding, take-offs and landings and my brother playing with planes and airport goodbyes and hellos. I saw the world that was before I was born and the world that came after the plane crash that killed my grandparents, and it was there in one moment – all I had to do was key cmd+shift+4 on my computer creating a screen-captured image.

Slides & screenshots from the family archive. Archival inkjet prints 2019.