Shortly after returning to Sweden in 2011, I began the #fromproject (2011–2014). The #fromproject through impromptu portrait photography and interviews, explores the complex answers to a seemingly simple question: “Where are you from?” This question can be experienced as polite conversation or overtly political categorization. Each of the 47 people photographed was asked to answer the question “Where are you from?” and the follow-up “Is it important?” In addition to a selection of the portraits originally published on a blog, and a crowdsourced element on Instagram, is a film where places in Västerbotten and Västernorrland that are part of my own narrative of origin are interwoven with the interviewees answers.

The project, is part of Vi och dom andra – a collaborative photography group based in Umeå, Sweden and was exhibited at the Sune Jonsson Centre for Documentary Photography and publicly along Umeå city bus lines.

#fromproject video installation (2014). Answers to the question “Where are you from?” (4:45)
Exhibition views of #fromproject along Umeå city bus line in 2014.